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Bison Rouge takes listeners onto distant journeys of electronic, pulsating, multi-layered orchestral pieces and then deconstructs them down into ambient, classical, and familiar nostalgic songs. Her style embraces spacious ambience, AI-generated beats, and lush strings scored around her captivating voice and expressive cello playing.

In the last two years she has won the Tech Open Air 'Battle of Sounds' (2019), and along with her team, the c/o Pop Festival 'DIANA AI Song Contest' (2020). A Wrocław, PL born, raised in Seattle, USA, and now Berlin, DE based artist also known as Ashia Grzesik, she has led a career performing in genre-crossing ensembles/bands such as Stegreif Orchestra, the Portland Cello Project, Arstidir, and the production show "O" of Cirque du Soleil. She is endorsed by the virtual instrument company Orchestral Tools and has performed her sets in concert halls, festivals and electronic clubs such as Kater Blau and Sisyphos.

She has released two full length albums 'Diesel vs Lungs' (2013) and 'ODER' (2016) on JARO Median and in March 2021 the single 'Cathedral of Trees'.

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